Regulations for pool signage was updated 1 September 2019. From this time, all new pools must use the updated signage. 

NSW Pool Regulations


Appropriate and clear warning signs must be attached to the pool fence and gate

  • In case of an emergency the law requires that you have a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sign displayed near your pool. The sign must be in good condition and able to be read easily from 3 metres.

In response to these changes we have created a range of new CPR signs to ensure that your new CPR Sign will be compliant and will look great at the same time. 

Australian Standards for Safety Signage states that for every 1 meter of viewing distance Text must be 5mm in height, therefore based on the required 3m the text must be 15mm high NSW customers must use the larger size signs at 420mm wide x 594mm high

Please visit the online shop and choose one of the NSW signs