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  • Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence -
  • Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence -
  • Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence -
  • Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence -
  • Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence -
  • Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence -
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Premium CPR Decal For Glass Pool Fence

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NSW Customers must purchase a Large size to be compliant. 

We are pleased to introduce high-quality CPR Decals for customers with Glass Pool Fencing. Printed on Frosted Etch Vinyl Adhesive with UV Inks and UV Laminate for Protection.

Available in Small (300mm x 420mm) or Large (420mm x 594mm).

Suitable for outdoor installation.

3 Year Warranty

Fast Delivery

Pricing Includes Tax and Freight.

If you require a TAX INVOICE for business purposes (e.g. Body Corporates) please email us @ at time of order with all billing details including ABN.

Installation Instructions
Premium CPR Decals for Glass Pool Fencing

Items required, clean rag, masking tape (supplied), soapy water (ideally in spray bottle), hard plastic card (bank card or similar)

1. Thoroughly clean and dry surface area that you want the decal.
2. Secure decal in position using strip of Masking Tape at top.
Be sure to put enough tape on both glass and decal and make sure it won't easily
lift, The masking tape will hold the decal in position, if you don't use masking tape
the decal is likely to slip all over the place.
3. Lift up decal using masking tape as top hinge and carefully peel corner of
backing paper to expose adhesive. Try not to touch the adhesive.
4. Whilst holding up the decal wet the area the sticker will be applied to with the soapy
5. Carefully peel back the backing paper off the sticker without pulling the
masking tape off the glass, Once removed you can give the adhesive an extra spray if
you wish.
6. Lay the decal down on the wet glass, Give a light spray on the face of the
decal and smooth out, the spray on the top makes squeegee move easier.
7. Wrap the rag over the plastic card to prevent scratching begin to
squeegee/[push out the soapy water from top down side to side, Once you are
about quarter of the way down you can pull the bottom out to take out any ripples
so that the decal can lay down smoothly.
8. Don't try to push all of the soapy water out in the first go as you may cause ripples.
Once you have most of the soapy water out and there are no ripples you can start to
use more pressure to push out the remaining soapy water, Check from the back side
to make sure there are no water bubbles
9. Once you have the majority of the soapy water out from bottom 3/4 of the decal and
it is holding secure to the glass you can then carefully remove the masking tape by
peeling up and away from the corner and proceed to squeedee out the the
remaining water from the under the decal.

Key points
Clean well, take your time, progressively build up pressure. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions Matt 0430011297